Dancing Hobby


We teach good musicality, technique and style.

Practice certainly makes a person skilled

OM SHANTI SHIKSHA SADAN is the regional strategic agency for dance. OM SSS bring together a network of partners to enable people in the South West to make, watch and take part in Dance.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Within no time at all, you will have a whole new group of friends and a new skill to enjoy. If you are already a dancer, you will find a new approach to teaching Modern Jive at our class nights. We teach good musicality, technique and style in an easy-to-follow format.”

Dance as a hobby is almost like finding a new person inside you. This is a perfect fitness program that one needs to enjoy. Dance as a hobby also instils confidence in you. Practice certainly makes a person skilled in any field and this holds good for dance too. It is important to dedicate some time for practice as certain steps require practice. Dance is a form of exercise that also is a great feel good factor.

So—dancing is a fun activity with a wealth of health benefits that keeps us in shape, makes us feel good, and makes us smarter!

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