Om Shanti Shiksha Sadan Sr. Sec. School is a pioneering institution, located in the heart of Sonepat City. The school was brought into existence by Mr Yograj Bhardwaj in 1990 in the sweet memory of his parents to provide an opportunity to quality education.Here, the students are encouraged to tear apart every concept, only to put it back together. As a result, their understanding of a topic is deep and their foundation strong.

Om Shanti Shiksha Sadan is affiliated to CBSE- 530710

Welcome to Om Shanti Shiksha Sadan Sr. Sec. School

We, at Om Shanti Shiksha Sadan Sr. Sec. School allow a free and natural growth to ensure genuine development. The teachers here are not taskmasters but helpers and guides. We believe that knowledge can be acquired through various sources; our job is just to train the young minds to gather it for themselves.

The knowledge is there within and the teachers not only strive to show the child where it is and how it can be habituated to rise to the surface. We are aware that, we have to gradually steer the child from the stage of gathering information, to the stage of assimilation and finally take him to the final stage of utilization of that information. We consider the learning process to be complete when we know that the new information acquired by our learner has been so well integrated that he can utilize it and apply it in any new situation.

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The school involves the mind and spirit of the children to meet the needs of the individual and the society i.e. positive approach academic excellence, sound character science of Patriotism and scientific Outlook. The serious efforts of Om Shanti Shiksha Sadan Sr. Sec. School convert a child into 'Smart Child' and enables to understand their responsibilities .The school stands for fortitude and discipline honing the skills and offers a world class education with the help of modern equipments and updated teaching methodology.

This is the only leading English medium school in this part of Haryana that is equipped with every facility under one name and one roof .It is known as the source of knowledge energy and strength.

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