Creativity & The Art

Creativity is inner voice of learning. The child who create something is the mixture of his mental and thinking skills. we promote social , emotional , creative skills of the child so that they can match up with their peer group and conduct various creativity in the shape of models , question arise , story making , writing editorial.

To make the child excellent observer, we conduct some historical tour, science museum tour etc. so that the child creative mind proud on ancient art. Culture and develop leadership quality.

Creative Art

Student enjoy creative art because they feel proud to bring the thing in reality on canvas. The school provide opportunities to the student to design nature beauty, collage, and social issue & arrange art gallery where the children display their creative art. We promote color art as well as art that conserve our resources like best from the waste, use of poly bags, empty bags, making designs and preparing and decorating item from the waste material.

Sports and outdoor education

Students are sent to participate in different sport activities where they can show their physical and mental potential. Student take part in outdoor games facilities. The sporting event, outdoor games, adventures rock climbing, physical strength evaluating camp are organized by school with the coordination of sports organization. The outdoor are also sent for outdoor education in different part of countries.

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Campus features

An attractive campus develop the sense of learning among the students . the school does constantly efforts to make the campus learning , the walls of our campus speaks a lot of things to make the child worthy citizen of nation , enhance scientific approach , develop tolerance and secularism .we focus on , ‘education to all’ so every corner check the statement of the child to learn and give shape your carrier . Attractive walls, laughing flowers, systematic and silent item, and sensible people motivate all to learn for future life here.

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